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We, the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Province of St. John Bosco, Eastern Africa, commit ourselves to the integral development of young especially the poor and the marginalized, through Evangelization and Education. (To be true sons and disciples of Don Bosco in his total commitment to the Salvation of the young who are poor, abandoned and at risk in Easter Africa (AFE) through Evangelization and Education


Drawing energy and inspiration from Don Bosco’s motto: “Give me souls, take away the rest,” we evangelize and educate, bringing the Gospel to the world, especially the young, the poor, and the troubled.

We are a community of consecrated men living and working together, bearing witness to the radical message of the Gospel through continual fraternal conversion: building up authentic communities through relationships and work in a spirit of family (GC 27, 63.2)

We are called and sent by Christ, the Good Shepherd, to be like Don Bosco, signs and bearers of God’s love for the young, especially those who are poor and most in need.

After the example of our founder, we animate and form collaborators to share in this mission of the Church 

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