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“The group is the setting where educative and religious proposals become personalized; it is the place for expression and responsibility; it is the place for interpersonal communication and the planning of initiatives.  Frequently it the only structural element that offers the young the occasion for access to human values and education to the faith.” (GC 23, no.274.)

“Youth groups and associations which, while maintaining their organizational autonomy, share the same salesian spirituality and pedagogical principles, form explicitly or implicitly the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM).” (GC23, no.275)
“In the SYM all the groups live the values of Salesian Youth Spirituality (SYS) at different levels.
“The SYM is an open reality, in the form of concentric circles, which unites many young people: from those farthest away, for whom the spirituality is something only dimly perceived through an environment in which they feel welcome, to those who consciously and explicitly make their own the salesian ethic. These latter constitute the animating nucleus of the whole movement, which is therefore an original educative movement.”
SYM is not… But...

    It is not just one group, like a club or a sodality. But it comprises of all the groups that exist in the local community.
    It does not comprise of all the students in a Salesian school or members of a youth centre. The large masses of young people in our settings are invited to join freely one or two groups.  The groups can be Apostolic Groups (Sodalities or Vyama vya Kiutume), Interest Groups – clubs (music, sports, drama, etc.), or other established groups (ycs, scouts, etc.)
    It is not an administrative structure (like house system and student council), but it is a free movement for faith formation, where an explicit proposal is made towards holiness

Three levels of formation in groups:

1. Basic Christian Formation
2. Formation in Salesian Youth Spirituality (SYS)
3. Specific Formation for the group & group activities

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