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The Preventive System is the synthesis of the complete thought and pastoral action of St. John Bosco.

  • It is a Spirituality.
  • It is a Pedagogy.
  • It is a style of Pastoral action.

An essential characteristic of Don Bosco’s approach is his interest in the young person as person, and in his or her complete formation as human being and Christian.

His total vision of formation is characterized by:

  • a variety of educational and pastoral offerings.
  • a hierarchy of objectives subordinated to the single aim of the salvation of the individual.
  • his clarity concerning the direction of his educative action.

The fundamentals of this total vision of Don Bosco lie in:

  • his own life as priest and educator.
  • his concept of the fullness of salvation as a way of forming young people.
  • his positive view of the human being and human values.
  • his realistic appreciation of sin as something that hinders the full development of the person.

To be able to put into practice today Don Bosco’s approach, the following is essential:

  • To maintain as the final purpose of pastoral and educative action the integration of faith and life
  • To establish a strict relationship between the formation of the person and his or her sanctification.

To prepare educators who, through their lives, will be models and witnesses of this whole approach to development.(Note that educators are not only teachers. An educator can be parent or other significant adult in the lives of the young).

  • to create an environment in which all this becomes possible.

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