Bicentenary of Don Bosco's birth 1815-2015


“We are approaching the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth, which will be celebrated on August 16, 2015. It is a very special event for us, for all the Salesian Family, and for the whole Salesian Movement, which requires an intense and profound process of preparation, so that it may prove fruitful for all of us, for the Church, for the young, and for society.” Read More

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Salesians of Don Bosco

The Salesians of Don Bosco are a religious congregation of Brothers and Priests . The organization was founded in 1859 by Saint John Bosco. Don Bosco’s mission was clear and simple: to be a friend to young people who were poor, abandoned or at risk, and in so doing to be a friend to Christ. Wherever the Salesians work, our mission is the same, but its expression changes to suit the particular context. From schools, youth clubs, children’s homes working with street children; missionaries; chaplains in schools, colleges and universities and in parish work. Salesians of Don Bosco work in approximately 131 countries.

The Salesians of Don Bosco arrived in East Africa in 1980 and formed what is known today as the Salesians of Don Bosco East Africa Province (SDBAFE)


July 2014: Salesians and Lay collaborators comprising of 45 members from the PDOs of 12 provinces, Vice Provinces and Circumscriptions in African/Madagascar, representatives from the region of two Caribbean Countries - Dominican Republic and Haiti, representatives from Don Bosco Mondo Germany, Via Don Bosco Belgium and VIS gathered at DBYES for a 4 days international meeting.

The discussions of the first day were focused on presentation of the PDO projects and the BTA initiative (BTA - Bosco Tech Africa). The discussions outlined the importance of understanding the Salesian VET systems in Africa and the importance of developing effective VET strategies in the strategic plan of the PDOs.

The second day: the focus was on two main lines of intervention. The first line of intervention concerned sharing good practices from two multi-actors in TVET actions.

The final day: this day was dedicated to drawing upthe conclusions after four days of intense discussions and deliberations.


DBDON office Nairobi, facilitates implementation of projects and programmes through capacity building among Salesian communities in East Africa Read More

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